SolarInox hydraplaneur (hydraplaneur 25 foot )

Prototype hydraplaneur, experimental platform for the beyond the sea® project, to develop traction by 100% natural energy.

The hydraplaneur ( multihull 60 foot )

Free of the forces of Archimedes and gliding over the sea thanks to the stepped hull in association with the double rigging, this is the challenge that Yves Parlier has taken up with the hydraplaneur
With the beyond the sea®, project Yves Parlier wants to develop traction by kite on the hydraplaneur and test other technical solutions based on natural energies.


Aquitaine Innovations (monohull 60 foot )


Cacolac d’Aquitaine (monohull 60 foot )

Yves Parlier widened his experience and his knowledge of the seas of the world on board his first 60 foot monohull


Challenge Aquitaine (Figaro monohull )

His talents as a navigator have won him the nickname of “Extra terrestrial”. He carried off the Figaro solo trophy thanks to his audacity and his weather strategy, which surprised most people!

From the multihull Formule 40 to the 6.5 m monohull Aquitaine in 1985

The 1st boat fitted with a carbon fibre mast on a racing yacht in 1985 !