Beyond The Sea

The Project

Innovation put to use on the sea.

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The advantages

Benefiting from the wind and the sun that nature gives us through an intelligent combination of forces and innovating for the transport of the future.

  • This solution present numerous advantages
  • Lessening of energy requirements and elimination of greenhouse gas emissions : the kite lightens the boat and the combustion motor is eliminated
  • Greater safety for the crew : the wing generates no capsizing forces
  • Cost efficiency : the elimination of the classic rig reduces building and maintenance costs and lightens boats by about 20%.

Another great advantage: the wings can also be adapted to motor boats.


Close up on the kite : effects already achieved with this technology


Some history…

There is a long list of adventurers exploring the potential of wing-sails, from Marco Polo (in 1282) to Benjamin Franklin (in 1752) not forgetting Guglielmo Marconi and Colonel Samuel Cody in the 1900s, the Legaignoux brothers, inventers of the floating wing Wipika in 1985, Peter Lynn… In 1995 Nicole Van de Kerchove and then Anne Quéméré in 2006 crossed the Atlantic in boats pulled by kites.

And as Manu Bertin’s recent achievements show, kite-surfing is on its way to being the world’s fastest way of moving on the water.

A 10,000 tonnes cargo boat tests the complementary propulsion delivered by a 600 m² kite flown up to 500 meters altitude and controlled by a computer. This solution could save up to 50 % of fuel.